Dental Technology

At Sara Cummins Aesthetics & Implant Dentistry, we use some of the latest technology for dental care because we believe it will help to give you a more efficient and comfortable dental care experience. Some of the dental technology that we use is considered to be some of the fastest and safest dental technology methods in use.

Here are some of the dental technologies that we might use to improve your dental health when you visit our office:

CBCT Scanner

There are times when facial and dental x-rays cannot provide the detail we need to plan procedures. Cone Beam Computed Tomography uses a cone-shaped x-ray beam to provide detailed information on a patient’s dental structures, nerve paths, and soft tissues.

With a single scan, this machine can produce a three-dimensional image of your mouth. We find this information especially useful when planning precise procedures like dental implants.

CEREC System

The CEREC System has revolutionized the production of various dental implements—, especially crowns. This system utilizes the high-definition images we take of your mouth to produce custom tooth replacements.

The crowns we produce for you with this machine are high-quality replacements that can easily be made to match the rest of your teeth to ensure a natural look. Another benefit of this system is the convenience. Rather than wait a few weeks for a lab to produce a crown for you, we can make your unique crown in our office during your appointment!

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