Zoom Teeth Whitening

At Sara Cummins Aesthetics & Implant Dentistry, we want you to feel attractive and healthy when you smile. One whitening system we offer is Philips Zoom In- office Whitening to help you achieve your whitest looking teeth. As a bonus, you will get outstanding results with little to no sensitivity.

When it comes to Philips Zoom Whitening, you will get the quickest results with our in-office treatment. In 45 minutes, your teeth could be up to 8 shades whiter, reversing stains from food and drinks, aging, even discoloration from some types of medication. You will leave our office with an instantly brighter, more confident smile.

What to expect with your Philips in-office Zoom Whitening appointment

  • Your treatment starts with your dental assistant checking your current shade, so you can see the dramatic difference after your treatment is complete. 
  • Your dental assistant will prep your mouth for whitening and apply a layer of advanced whitening gel to your teeth.
  • To speed up the whitening process, we will shine our WhiteSpeed blue LED lamp onto your teeth. This accelerates the whitening, plus the lamp’s variable settings ensure you will get a comfortable experience.
  • This is repeated three times – and is completed in just 45 minutes!
  • Once you have completed three sessions, your dental assistant will apply our post-treatment gel to help protect enamel and reduce sensitivity
  • Before you leave your dentist’s office, you will receive customized whitening trays and a take home whitening kit, which is included in the price of your treatment. This way, you can touch-up the brightness of your smile whenever you want to.