I have had major dental problems all of my life since age 2.  I found Dr Sara Cummins twelve years ago and consider her a godsend!  I was lucky enough to be her first cosmetic patient.  She changed my life and continues to do amazing work whenever I present with a new problem.  I know that without her expertise and concern, I would no longer have my teeth!  She is phenomenal and I wouldn’t trust my teeth to anyone else.  I still travel back from from Naples, Florida because she just is irreplaceable!

Peggy Coyle

Professionalism, attention to detail, use of the most current technological dental techniques, stellar results, customer oriented prompt courteous service, and accommodating urgent appointment requests sum up the experience one can expect at Dr. Cummins dental practice. Highly recommend

George A Andrews, MD

As a businessman, I am quite impressed to observe how Dr. Cummins runs her business, maximizing the efficiency of a very busy practice.  Also, the patient can’t help being impressed with the genuine warmth of EVERY person in the office, a noble goal that many businesses aspire to but few achieve.

Ben Cundiff

I love people who are passionate about what they do, so over 15 years I’ve never tired of witnessing Dr. Cummins’ love of her work and concern for her patients total health.  I get a special kick out of her saying to her assistant things like, “Oh, look at that crown, isn’t that beautiful.”  That’s because she’s an artist as well as an exceptional practitioner.  I’m so grateful to have had her as mine.  

Valerie K